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Yhunga – #Justice4Titch

Yhunga – #Justice4Titch

Yhunga – #Justice4Titch

Yhunga - #Justice4Titch

Yhunga – #Justice4Titch



Former Kidz In Da Hood and N.A.S.T.Y Crew member, YHunga had returned with new music and some big plans — and now we’ve got the first taste of the music he promised.
Later this year, the veteran MC will release his new mixtape #1 with his new music collective
Gwalla Muzik.

but before that Yhunga has also been working on the #Justice4Titch campaign.

Yhunga and Ila In Ya Ear (GwallaMuzik Producer) say they feel it’s about time we all had a serious talk about Grime Legend Crazy Titch’s well known case. 
…and the not so well known #Justice4titch campaign.
After 15 years in jail for a crime he did not commit and an unfair trial, Crazy Titch’s family have started the #Justice4titch campaign to bring as much light to the situation as possible.
Yhunga spoke on how he feels there is not enough being done to bring attention to the #Justice4titch campaign and music looks like the best platform to do that.
A first installment from the GwallaMuzik camp named ‘Crazy High’ see’s Yhunga carrying the Crazy titch essence through-out the song as well as featuring Crazy talking in the intro/outro.
Its a light introduction to the #Justice4titch campaign, and the Gwalla team spoke about a whole host of Artists getting involved including a joint compilation mixtape called Justice4titch, 
We were told we can can expect to hear contributions from Stana-Man, Hitman Hyper, Myers and production from Mak10, D Proffit, Gossie and Ila In Ya Ear.




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