Home Videos Wiley Presents – No Lie – Ft Margs, Kaos & Joe Black

Wiley Presents – No Lie – Ft Margs, Kaos & Joe Black


Wiley Presents – No Lie – Ft Margs, Kaos & Joe Black

Wiley Presents – No Lie – Ft Margs, Kaos & Joe Black


The Godfather of Grime has been busy courting controversy of late, even walking around London in an Ed Sheeran mask.

The reason? Well, he might well have a point about those benefiting from Grime without truly investing in the scene, but he’s also got a new album to promote.

Just recently Wiley announced the release date of the Godfather 3 Album for 1st January 2020.

It’s a glossy return, married with big features and UK roots – Could this be Wiley’s best album yet?


Calling in UK Rap legends Margs and Joe Black and young rapper Kaos for brand new track ‘No Lie’ this one is due to stick in your head.

Flowing over a vibey beat that sounds like one for the clubs, Wiley has honed in on his catchy chorus skills but don’t let that override what your ears hear, this musical foursome = raps galore. The key player in U.K. Grime — though he called his knotty, brittle style “eski” or “eskibeat” – Producer and MC Wiley  came up as a member of Pay as U Go Cartel, and was later a founding member of Roll Deep Crew. Much of his best and most crucial early work as a producer trickled out as white-label vinyl releases and free downloads.

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Hailing from Hackney, East London, Margs is one of the Rap game’s vet’s and a founding member of the legendary Mashtown rap group. Margs is known for his aggressive lyrical ability and timeless powerful flow which is evident and recognisable, even if you hadn’t watched the video, you can recognise its Margs, on top form.


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Kaos is a young and hungry Somali rapper/artist coming from Hackney, east London. He credits his influences as Tupac, Biggie, D-Block, Nas; and in the UK, Joe-Black, Giggs and Margs.

Up and coming rapper Kaos said of himself;

‘My music is real. I rap about my environment. I’m not trying to sugar coat the raps with things that people “want” to hear, but I stay positive minded and reflect my mood into my music. At the end of the day you either love me or hate me.’

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Marking his return to Rap earlier on this year and reeling in Joe Black fans across London, Joe joined Kenny Allstar and took us back with Meek Mills ‘Cold Hearted’ instrumental telling viewers and listeners that they need to understand the substance and open their ears!

London was given a true gift and talent with Joe Black, who has always kept ish real, not denying the greaze and made bangers for your babymum!

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Be sure to watch the video above and then check out Joe Black’s Voice of the Streets freestyle here.





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