Home Videos Skatta Sends For JAY 1 with ‘The Fish’

Skatta Sends For JAY 1 with ‘The Fish’

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Skatta Sends For JAY 1 with ‘The Fish’

Skatta Sends For JAY 1 with 'The Fish'

Skatta Sends For JAY 1 with ‘The Fish’

The Art Of Grime War.


Coventry’s own Skatta. A artist who’s been on the radar for more than a minute, entering the continuing 2020 grime war with a lot of shots fired here for Jay1.

The track produced & Mixed by Anton Dec and artwork of both artists involved brought to us by Adam Goss.


Starting out with a sound bite of Dot Rotten opening it all up on the intro, listeners will find themselves then drawn in by one of the catchiest hooks from PRKR that I’ve heard this year.


From the get go you can feel the energy building, synth leads, stabs, and wobbly as anything bass. Complimented by Skattas choppy, unique sound that he effortlessly brings to every track that I’ve heard him on.


This one is a complete wave from start to finish, and everything that you’ve come to expect from a classic timeless send you will find right here.


Finding ourselves at the end of the track, in kicks another sound bite.


Taken from Scar City Studios we hear Jay1s change of location being discussed. Also the host of the show acknowledging that other artists in Coventry such as ShadowCV6 and Skatta himself have been truly representing their origins and hometown, not just using the fan base their to boost their numbers.


Reply or not from Jay1 coming? Who knows. But check this out anyway!



Words by Kye Wright!





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