Home Videos Sense – Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Send)

Sense – Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Send)

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Sense – Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Send)

Sense - Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Send)

Sense – Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Send)




PlayWhatWeWant Presents..

Sense – Ventilation 2.0 (Dot Rotten Diss) (Prod by AudioSlugs)




Released on 11th January, 2020- PlayWhatWeWant’s Sense returns with Ventilation 2.0. After receiving over half a million plays on his final release of 2019 (‘Don’t Lack’ w/ Cadell x Delusion) Bow E3’s Sense, started the year with his direct send for Dot Rotten.





Sense called in AudioSlugs for his Bow inspired production on this one. After having a great year in 2019, most notably with production for P Money and Little Dee’s joint venture, the chemistry between both production and emcee is clear, as Sense flows effortlessly over the 140 bpm track finding pockets to display his style and energy.

RiskyRoad’s team member, Michael Afrifa (NoColours) filmed and edited the official video which is out now on Sense’s youtube channel.

With a string of releases to come this quarter (Sense – Mind The Gap – 31/1/20) and with Ventilation 3.5 rumoured to be released, together with Grime’s very own Rapid, be sure to to keep posted on his journey.



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