Home Features Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP ‘Robbie RAPS’

Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP ‘Robbie RAPS’

Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP ‘Robbie RAPS’

Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP ‘Robbie RAPS’

Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP 'Robbie RAPS'

Robbie RAPS Releases Self-Titled Debut EP ‘Robbie RAPS’


“ Robbie RAPS” is a true introduction for him into the music game, bringing all sorts of styles and vibes for any occasion with every song having hard punchlines and witty rhyming this EP is a true description of the music he likes to make and the music that you can expect to hear from him in the future.

Robbie Raps plays it by the numbers in his Self-Titled EP: Robbie RAPS, using his new popularity and the big producer names on the tracklist to hype up a project that highlights his journey in music so far. Many versions of each track were created in the process to give you a solid finished product, given how many tracks are on the record, from ‘Human On A Mission’ to ‘Chasing A Status’ these songs justify a great Introduction EP.

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Why? Robbie created an EP!

“I made the EP because for years I’ve been wanting to drop a project where I give everyone an insight to myself and things that I go through on a daily basis, I also wanted to drop something that really establishes me as an artist and that everyone hears and recognizes as my sound”.


Robbie entered the legendary No Sucka MC Contest which could see him win a trip to Atlanta to work with Kato and perform at A3C Hip-Hop Festival, plus over $15,000 in prizes will be up for grabs.

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Robbie won the chance to finally play live at the Coventry Godiva Festival at The War Memorial Park, on 6th July his set time was at 4:40pm in the rhythm tent, He then got interviewed by BBC Coventry And Warwickshire Team, Robbie said: “I hit the stage and was greeted by over 2000 screaming people there to see the acts at the festival”, He is forever grateful for everyone who got him there and to have won the opportunity to have done what I always knew he was born to do.

Full Track list Below


HUMAN ON A MISSION is a short but powerful song where Robbie takes his introduction into the game touching on things that he’s most passionate about and the sort of things to expect from him in the future.

TAKE MY TIME is a song where Robbie explains his future plans within music and about how he won’t be rushing things in music that should have patience, if you want things to be right.

MIDNIGHT is a love song that was created for people to just vibe with and to maybe at parts relate to certain things that go on within Robbie’s day to day life.

TRAPPED is a deep song featuring York Rapper Revilo where they take you on a small journey into their minds on a daily basis and how living with demons of the past can sometimes overwhelm you.

DEATHLY HALLOWS is a dark song with a clever title take on the Harry Potter story, In this song we take a trip into the darker side of Robbie RAPS, this song lets you hear the inner demon inside that he keeps suppressed until the mic is on.

I CAN’T STAND is a bouncy and vibey tune where he touches up on how fake the internet really is, easily the bounciest on the EP.

CHASING A STATUS is a song about how people get easily blinded by things they see on social media.


Be sure to check out the brand new EP and Follow Robbie Raps HERE.


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