Home Videos MIZ drops FIERCE Warm Up Session with SBTV!

MIZ drops FIERCE Warm Up Session with SBTV!


MIZ drops FIERCE Warm Up Session with SBTV!


MIZ drops FIERCE Warm Up Session with SBTV!

Female Allstar member MIZ makes her solo debut on the channel with this fierce, hard hitting Warm Up Session.

Miz unleashes her vulnerability and grittiness with hard hitting truths, honest bars and a fire in her belly!

Consisting of talented artists Miz is 1/7 of the Female Allstars collective, consistently working alongside @lady_shocker






All these girls bring their A game to shell down every time they perform and record, each showcasing their dynamic flows and icy bars.

In an industry where males tend to dominate, it is refreshing for us to see Miz demonstrate her abilities and potential.

Miz posted the teaser video on her Instagram today citing her bars;

“Got people banging down my door, they wanna know why I ain’t answering. praying I ain’t topped myself, another friend they ain’t departing with”

Legendary SBTV provides a platform to discover and break emerging artists, and unearth incredible talent. With a solid history of ‘Warm Up Sessions’ Miz follows in the footsteps of Nolay, Lady Ice, Benny Banks, J Hus, Nadia Rose and Ms Banks. (To name a few…)

Smashing a life goal of her own Miz said;

I’m so honoured to have an SBTV Warm Up Sessions. I’ve wanted this my whole life and I managed to get it. I’m so grateful for every opportunity and all the support I’m given🖤




Make sure you follow Miz here and watch the video above.






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