Home Videos Mist releases ‘So High’ feat. Fredo

Mist releases ‘So High’ feat. Fredo


Mist releases ‘So High’ feat. Fredo

Mist releases ‘So High’ feat. Fredo



So High was released to YouTube on July 4th and is quickly proving one of the hottest tunes of summer 2019.

English rapper Mist recently collaborated with fellow Brit Fredo to bring the UK a fresh summer banger that will undoubtedly be played on repeat over the coming few months.

So High racked up nearly two million views on YouTube after it dropped on the platform and is expected to makes waves in the charts having initially landed at 31 on iTunes.

The tune is sampled from an unlikely 1996 source, one that you and your friend have probably been scratching your heads trying to work out.

Here’s everything you need to know about So High from the sampling track to lyrics and where the tropical video was filmed.

Mist has sampled a track from American singer Toni Braxton, who is now 51 years old.

The pop and R&B artist was huge in the 1990’s where her 1996 album, Secrets, brought two Grammy Awards – and that was on top of the three previous Grammys her first album picked up!

Secrets also delivered smash-hit You’re Makin’ Me High, the song which is sampled on Mist’s So High record.

Mist releases 'So High' feat. Fredo


The So High video was filmed with Mist, Fredo and his friends in Costa Rica.

Mist and the gang ride motorbikes across the paradise island backdrop, making the most of a luxury villa by filling the pool with money and bikini-clad girls.



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