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Marci Phonix exposes some unspoken home truths

Marci Phonix exposes some unspoken home truths

Marci Phonix exposes some unspoken home truths in Pt. 2 of controversial new series #BlackFriday


“This is Michael Jackson’s Thriller meets Grime! The only difference is the monsters in my video are real… and they even get honoured and put on the national currency”


Marci Phonix has been labelled as somewhat of a spokesman for the people after blasting Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng live on air on Channel 4 News over the Windrush scandal earlier this year. Returning with a provocative new project; a series of tracks (underpinned by a consistent narrative throughout) called #BlackFriday – he’s recently dropped part 2 of the trilogy, with the third and final instalments coming before the end of the year.


Pt. 1, also known as ‘Black Peter’ is an obvious play on words with BBC’s Blue Peter, with the idea of the track being  to educate a new generation on some unspoken truths of our history that often get conveniently swept under the carpet in society. After being inspired by John Lennon’s controversial ’72 song ‘Woman Is The Nigger Of The World’, Marci aims to challenge various modern day taboos and stereotypes with this track and following songs from the project.


Never one to pull any punches, Pts. 1 & 2 come with some dark-edged and gruesome visuals, with the tracks boasting no nonsense, heavy grime production that Marci is known for. Add some anger-ladened bars and clever and one lines and you’ve got some thought provoking bangers.


Described as “the new protest anthem the world needs right now” by Complex UK, his previous track ‘Liberties’ was an attack on the government, the local council and those behind the failings at Grenfell Tower. It was supported and championed by Spotify’s Grime Shutdown, BBC 1 Xtra, Capital Xtra, Noisey, Trench and lots more.


As one of the founding fathers of UK Grime, Marci burst onto the scene back in 2002. He fast gained a reputation of being one of the fiercest MCs in the scene and went on to headline events such as Sidewinder and Eskimo Dance as well as collaborating with Skepta, Ghetts and Big Narstie.


Since returning to the scene in 2017 with the hugely successful track ‘Riot’ he’s released a stream of acclaimed hard hitting and socially aware tracks, channelling the injustices of the modern world into positive change within his music, aiming to inspire the youth to do the same – as well as blasting fellow MCs for not tackling real issues in our culture.


YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZMmMf5WPaec

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/38rloPFJeSxkT6BqY14dbH

‘Black Friday Pt. 2’ is out now on all digital platforms | Follow Marci Phonix: Instagram | Twitter


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