Home Videos London Dope Boy releases ‘End Game’ Ft King Sosa

London Dope Boy releases ‘End Game’ Ft King Sosa


London Dope Boy releases ‘End Game’ Ft King Sosa

London Dope Boy releases ‘End Game’ Ft King Sosa


LDB was born in England and raised up in north London. He experienced getting move around a lot to different areas but his mum worked really hard to put food on the table. She had seven children four girls, three boys, of all his siblings he is the oldest brother. As he got older LDB got into trouble in and out of school and was very rebellious. He had a lot of anger inside  and sometimes didn’t know how to control it so he started to fight and became anti-social. LDB got excluded a lot from school because of rebellious behaviour, he was known for kicking ass in school meaning that out of all his friends they would come to him because they knew he wouldn’t have a problem with approaching the issue out with anyone because he liked to fight.
Fast forward to 2019 and LDB & King Sosa linked up for ‘End Game’ which you can watch the full video for above!
In other news the weather has been topic of conversation for most;
Heavy downpours are set to cause disruption to travel and homes could be flooded in the deluge.

Up to three inches of rain is expected to fall in parts tomorrow – along with strong gusts of up to 40 mph.

That equates to around a month’s worth of rain in just one day, as the average rainfall for England in August is only 2.72 inches.

The severe weather warning is in place for the majority of the South and South West of England, reaching from Manchester to Plymouth.

Be vigilant and carry a brolly!






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