Home Features JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’

JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’

JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’

JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’

JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’

JONNOAQ Drops New Project ‘F.E.A.R’


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South London rapper JONNOAQ has delivered his latest project ‘F.E.A.R’, out now via AQ Records


This is the first full length project release from SE15’S best kept secret and independent label AQ Records. F.E.A.R is a hip-hop inflicted mix of tracks that incorporates all aspects of music from UK Hip Hop, Trap, drill and alternative music that can be heard in the British music scene. However, JonnoAQ puts his own sound stamp of alternative Hip Hop on the radar. The project also comes with an official video for ‘Headlock’ taken off the release which you can watch below.



Headlock Video 



About the EP

This debut EP is only the start from Peckham’s latest prospect! The acronym F.E.A.R stands for ‘Face Everything And Recover’ a statement which JonnoAQ lives by every day. Sonically the project takes the best parts from both sides of the Atlantic with the tracks taking influence from both US production styles but while also staying true to the UK sound and slang which the artist has grown up around.


The project is a personal themed driven body of work which talks about elevation, fearlessness, and striving for your dreams! This is truly an incredible introduction to JonnoAQ for the first-time listener and gives a taste of the environment he comes from Peckham, South London.




Album Link – F.E.A.R EP




JonnoAQ, was born into the love of music through his father, JonnoAQ grew up on the raw hip hop sound before, developing his own ear for music and began branching into other genres such as Jazz, R&B, Soul, House & alternative rock.

Jonno has also recently released a short documentary piece talking about social issues and inspirations that are close to him and real advice that he hopes he can pass on to people including maintaining goals, keeping focus on their journeys and to find the inner perfection in themselves, while also not being afraid to fail in life, a lesson which is lifted straight from the project on the track ‘L’s to W’s’.


JONNOAQ has generated a considerable buzz from his previous releases making headway, with collaborations with Nike, featuring on Complex along with radio spins on Capital Xtra, Reprezent radio and Rinse FM. SE15’S best kept secret delivers on this project, showing the versatility, straight from the heart lyrics, bouncy production & weaving tales about growing up in the capital, further evidence of JONNOAQ’s insistence on cutting his own path and shunning conformities.





For more information on JONNOAQ,

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