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JD Sports Playlists Dubzys ‘WYTM’

JD Sports Playlists Dubzys ‘WYTM’

JD Sports Playlists Dubzys ‘WYTM’

Dubzy's new track 'WYTM' Playlisted

JD Sports Playlists Dubzys ‘WYTM’


Dubzy’s new track ‘WYTM’ was played in JD Sports stores across London this weekend. The ‘King of Trainers’ are the biggest sports retailer in the UK with shops throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Australia.
JD has about 500 stores in the UK and owns a further 1,700 outlets worldwide. JD is now more than twice as valuable as rival retailer Sports Direct, which is worth £1.9bn – and more than High Street stalwart Marks & Spencer, which has a value of about £4.75bn.
“This, as well as its ability to remain relevant and engage with customers through the sponsorship of athletes like Anthony Joshua, and keeping our store playlist’s updated in line with popular culture sets it apart from emerging online competitors such as Gymshark, Asos, Footlocker and boohoo.com” said Amy Higginbotham, retail analyst at GlobalData.
You can click the ‘watch clip’ button below to see a video of the track getting played in stores this weekend.
With the music video for the track amassing 10,000+ views in less than 1 week, “What You Telling Me” is available on all digital platforms here.


Here at Rapondemand, we continue to support Dubzy and his brand new catchy track ‘WYTM’ – alongside receiving our support and gaining momentum across the music industry, this week Dubzy’s ‘WYTM’ featured in:
Link UP TV (instagram): https://www.instagram.com/p/B2_pU8VgC0x/
+ more

Be sure to follow Dubzy and check out our previous post on ‘WYTM’ here where you have access to the full video.




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