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Emiko drops visuals for EP lead single ‘YOUTH’

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Emiko drops visuals for EP lead single ‘YOUTH’

Emiko drops visuals for EP lead single 'YOUTH'

Emiko drops visuals for EP lead single ‘YOUTH’



Emiko  just released the video for lead single ‘Youth’ from his latest EP ‘Peace Of Mind’ and it is the anthem of the present as Emiko encourages us to persevere in unity at this most uncertain time of our lives.




The video has a direct and bold opening with Emiko’s words of positivity shining light in spite of the current quarantine and isolation that so many of us are feeling right now. It’s very street, very raw and very now, which boldly reflects the current socio-economic state of Britain.


‘Youth’ touches on the idea of us not having these fears and confusion in our younger years but aims to reminisce on ‘better times’

Alongside the great aesthetic of the video, Emiko is a powerhouse with his voice, projecting direct feeling and emotion channeling an iconic likeness to that of MJ and Stevie Wonder.

Speaking on the video shoot, director Kush Kush said;
‘The shoot was a lucky coincidence. I was introduced to DOP Phil Martin and he asked me if I want to film a video in Bristol and after hearing ‘Youth’ , it was a no brainer, I took Emiko with me and 99% of the video was shot there and then in one day.’
‘The most complicated part for Emiko was probably sitting on the garage roof, with the old and not so stable rusty construction there was a chance of him falling through it and it was quite uncomfortable to balance and perform, so he truly was performing through pain.’
‘In all of the locations Emiko was performing in a full voice and every time I had shivers down my spine how powerful it was. He is an amazing artist to work with!’ 

‘Youth’  was premiered by DJ Ace on BBC 1xtra Thursday who has also spoken highly about Emiko’s EP which you can listen to here.

Speaking on the location itself and video set up Emiko notes
‘The Bristol location allowed for me to dig into a deeper part of myself to perform for I was in a “foreign land” if you will and out of my comfort zone. It meant having to trust those around me that i knew. The desolate locations allowed for me to give a performative video with meaning.’


Amid all the global uncertainty, it makes sense that it has become a song that champions resistance and hope in this current climate.
Be sure to watch the video above and Follow Emiko here.

Post by: Sammi Swinton



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