Home Features D Def Talks ‘Smooth Sailing’ and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton

D Def Talks ‘Smooth Sailing’ and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton

D Def Talks ‘Smooth Sailing’ and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton

D Def Talks ‘Smooth Sailing’ and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton

D Def Talks 'Smooth Sailing' and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton
Photo: @alexishoots

D Def Talks ‘Smooth Sailing’ and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton



I absolutely LOVE press days and meeting new artist’s – Music in Motion PR provided a great setup for us at Drake and Morgan in Kings Cross, a nice lil vibe for me and D Def to chat.


Introductions were in order, I explained a bit about who I am and what I do to D Def, and he told me a bit about himself, funnily enough we both grew up in Islington, North London but had never crossed paths before this day. #whoknew?


Whilst trying to understand him better I asked about what his music means to him and how he would describe his sound, to which D Def replied;


“Any given song could be different, it’s kind of hard to describe my music to be honest but, it’s just a real account of whats going on in my life at the time.”



Sam: Ok so your lyrics are based on your experiences?


D Def: 100%



Sam: Are you currently promoting a track?


D Def: I am, I have a single out at the moment that I’m pushing called ‘smooth sailing’ which is based on situations running smoothly and has a vibe to it.



Sam: When I first start the track, it has a dark feel to it, I like it, and how you incorporated some drilly elements into the instrumental. Who inspires you? Who influences you to keep your music and lyrics so real?


D Def: In terms of music, who inspired me? I grew up listening to a lot of Jay-Z, that era of music. I’d have to say Jay-Z but obviously when he first came out I was too young to really understand him, as I got older I realised everything he rapped about relates to that point in his life, like in this day and age, I never thought  I would see a rappper in there 40s/50s making music that I listen to, but I do because it’s elevating.



Sam: What’s your favourite Jay-Z album?


D Def: Oooh depends on the day you know! ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is probably one of my favourite’s, but then you got ‘The Blueprint’ and you cant deny it… ‘American Gangster’ he’s got too many!



Sam: I know! Way too many albums to name but I think mine is ‘The Blueprint 2’ What was the first album that drew you into him?


D Def: I don’t even know, my brother just used to play Jay-Z so I don’t know, I think it was ‘Life and Times vol 1’



Sam: So how long have you actually been making music?


D Def: Around 8/10 years on and off.



Sam: What has been your biggest challenge?


D Def: Consistency, more because of life, life more than actually enjoying the music. Things come up that you cant avoid or account for, and then before you know it you end up losing time. I’ve had situations where I’ve had projects, I’ve lost the whole project and then the motivation to do it all again has been crazy where I’ve had other things going on in my life.



Sam: What has been one of your proudest moments?


D Def: Anytime I release something and anybody shares it or gives me some feedback without even asking. I feel proud of that to be honest because there’s been moments where I’ve had certain types of people listen to my music that I thought would never have listened to it.



Sam: What’s your main route of distribution for people to access your music?


D Def: I’m trying to do more on social media, but I come from a time where we was very much on the streets sharing music, handing out music and bluetoothing between phones. There’s a grass roots element to it. I know it’s a new age so I’m trying to do more on social media.



Sam: The street way is still a viable way to get your music out, do you remember that guy, Soundbwoy or Doctor? He was always singing and selling music around Angel and Leicester Square? He sold a lot of music like that.


D Def: Yeah I think it was Soundbwoy!



Sam: Ok so forward thinking, what’s your plans for 2020?


D Def: A lot more projects, I was doing music before this whole digital sound came through, a lot of my music has been lost so I want to put more out there. It looks as though I only have 1 project and a bunch of singles but theres a whole catalogue of music that due to different circumstances we cant get online.



Sam: If you were to do a collaboration, who and why?


D Def: Thats’ a tricky one, I don’t know? It just depends what makes sense, I’ll work with anyone as long as it makes sense. I remember when Johnny Depp did a collaboration with Dior Sauvage when it first launched and I thought maybe something like that. I have my own brand called Piter Mathieu that I invested in which is mostly mens accessories.







Have a listen to ‘Smooth Sailing’ above and Follow D Def here.


D Def Talks 'Smooth Sailing' and Debates Jay-Z albums with Sammi Swinton
Photo: @alexishoots



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