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Coops drops Politricks Freestyle

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Coops drops Politricks Freestyle
Coops drops Politricks Freestyle

North London lyricist Coops drops his appropriately titled ‘Politricks Freestyle’ ahead of his new album ‘Crimes Against Creation’ next month. With Talos on the beat, the freestyle was recorded less than 48 hours ago ready to drop today to match the speed at which Coops creates. Seeing himself as a social commentator,  he continuously asks for people to scratch below the surface and wake up to the obvious issue we’re surrounded by.


‘Crimes Against Creation’ is an 8-track project – made in just 4 studio sessions – turned around in record time to ensure Coops’ music was released during this unparalleled time in history. Highly appropriate for these times, title track ‘Crimes Against Creation’ is the stand out voice of this generation and his message to the world. ‘Warped perception, thwart connections, they force perfection, then claim the antidotes an injection…’ plays out and we begin to appreciate how the current situation is playing heavily on his mind. As the album progresses we get to see all sides of Coops’ personality with ‘Piss Poor’ reminding us of the raw gritty London lifestyle from which he has risen from, whilst ‘Profile’ demonstrates his softer more promiscuous side as well as touching on themes of fatherhood and online relationships.


Coops’ musical entry point begun by making music with his friends, but it wasn’t until he really looked at himself and the world around him when he decided he needed to go it alone, opening his mind and his solo stream of creativity which hasn’t stopped since. A self-proclaimed hermit he embodies the essence of a true artist and only finds comfort in doing what he loves, not what he is told. ‘Crimes Against Creation’ is due out on High Focus Records on 9th July.


Coops drops Politricks Freestyle ahead of forthcoming album ‘Crimes Against Creation’

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