Home Videos CoCo Mageeda Releases Video for Hustler’s Anthem ‘Grind’

CoCo Mageeda Releases Video for Hustler’s Anthem ‘Grind’


CoCo Mageeda Releases Video for Hustler’s Anthem ‘Grind’

CoCo Mageeda Releases Video for Hustler’s Anthem ‘Grind’


British Rapper & Soul Singer CoCo Mageeda Releases Video for Hustler’s Anthem ‘Grind

Stream ‘GRIND’ here!

‘CoCo Mageeda’, is an upcoming Soulful Hip-Hop/R&B artist from the UK with husky vocals residing in London. She offers her listeners music that is self-conscious, poetic and inspiring.

Returning a month later with her new track ‘Grind’, she’s showcasing her rapping skills with passionate vocals against this melodic hip hop beat. The lyrics speak on her being on a constant hustle for her dreams, going for her blessings without cease and in the process not being available for everyone 24/7.

This is her first track to her EP that is ready to release this Autumn. ‘GRIND’ single is really a teaser of what’s to come.

With Coco Mageeda (MAH – G – DUR?) ready to break down barriers and give the world her gift, get ready and watch the brand new video for ‘GRIND’ above!

Just incase you weren’t familiar with what Grind means to a Grafter, we’ve included the Urban Dictionary definition for you below;



1) Your hustle

2) Good work ethic, doing what you do.

Ex: Getting money, editing pix, singing…whatever your hustle is.

When you’re “on your grind” then you’re doing a good/great job at whatever you’re doing.

“I see you on your grind.”

“Dang you’re on your grind.”

“I’m just getting my grind on.”

I’m getting back on my grind.”


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Post by: Sammi Swinton



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