Home Features CG Leif drops statement track “George Floyd”

CG Leif drops statement track “George Floyd”

CG Leif drops statement track “George Floyd”

CG Leif drops statement track “George Floyd”

CG Leif drops statement track "George Floyd"

CG Leif drops statement track “George Floyd”



St.Louis, Missouri artist CG Leif drops off his single entitled “George Floyd” produced by Ramsey. The record is a tribute to the late great George Floyd who was murdered by Minneapolis police.
Twitter: @OGLeif (https://twitter.com/CgLeif)

Coronavirus symptoms update: The two main symptoms which persist even after recovery


The novel continues to baffle leading health experts. It would seem that for some, even after recovery from COVID-19, lasting symptoms persist, negatively affecting a person’s life. Fatigue and fogginess have been reported as lasting symptoms making even the simplest tasks impossible. Why?

Doctors report feeling weak or foggy after normal tasks has become a distinct pattern among patients with long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19.

It reminds them of another condition that’s also still somewhat mysterious: chronic fatigue syndrome.

Patients experiencing chronic fatigue — known clinically as myalgic encephalomyelitis — often “crash” or “relapse” from simple activities such as taking a shower or going to the grocery store.

They may feel dizzy or weak from standing up too quickly, or struggle to think clearly.

Some patients may become bed-ridden for several days or weeks, without feeling better after sleep or rest.


In a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), fever equated to 87.9 percent of infected patients, dry cough 67.7 percent and 38.1 percent for this flatlining feeling.

Fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, flatlining and an inability to arise after sleeping are all potential symptoms of a COVID-19 infection.

Some people have reported feeling a brain fog, also known as mental fatigue, as another symptom of coronavirus.

Though researchers are just beginning to study the relationship between chronic fatigue and the new coronavirus, they have some past clues from SARS patients who were infected in 2003.

Health experts aren’t quite sure what causes chronic fatigue, but the syndrome can be triggered by infectious diseases like Lyme disease or Epstein-Barr virus.



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