Home Videos Capo Lee drops ‘Patterns’ ft. Landoni

Capo Lee drops ‘Patterns’ ft. Landoni

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Capo Lee drops ‘Patterns’ ft. Landoni

Capo Lee drops 'Patterns' ft. Landoni

Capo Lee drops ‘Patterns’ ft. Landoni


Following on from the release of his teaser track ‘Way Too Long’, ‘Heart of A Champ’ is the new album from Capo Lee and pays homage to the very fabric of grime that Capo Lee is built from.Queue the scattergun delivery, his maverick, on-but-off-beat flow and lyrical bars that build into the head-bopping hook and we’re left in no doubt that shit is about to get very real on this brand-new collection of music. Already he is gaining great support on Spotify, with tracks being added to Grime Shutdown, Who We Be and New Music Friday UK.

A 10-track project, ‘Heart of A Champ’ is Capo Lee’s most explorative work to date and is out now. Completely refreshing, the genre mix delves into garage, rap and trap. The records flirt with female vocals, laid-back flows and a mix of both introspective and entertaining topics as he delivers music that shows a side to him that we’ve not been exposed to heavily before.

The first video to drop from the album is the above titled ‘Patterns” and this lively and energetic tune was an immediate gem when it featured on the 10-track project last month. “Patterns” sees The Champ show off his lyrical talents to the fullest, firing out slick bars and polished flows over a bubbling garage instrumental from Izco, and capped off with a smooth hook from fellow North Londoner Landoni.

Watch the brand new video above and Follow Capo Lee here.

Post by: Sammi Swinton


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