Home Videos Ambush And Ms Banks Partner Up For Saucy New Track “My Size”

Ambush And Ms Banks Partner Up For Saucy New Track “My Size”


Ambush And Ms Banks Partner Up For Saucy New Track “My Size”


Ambush And Ms Banks Partner Up For Saucy New Track “My Size”


North London rapper Ambush is intent on making up for lost time. “Only Right“, the fresh-home-from-prison release of last month, is still doing the rounds, but Ambush doubles up today with new drop “My Size”—calling on Ms Banks for a slick rap duet.

Those paying attention will notice this one was teased some time ago, with Ambush taking inspiration from soukous music, a genre from Congo. Also this week, Ambush, Ms Banks and Tion Wayne were hilariously thrown into a wildly entertaining online love-triangle, making this song and video all the more entertaining.


We can also thank Ms Banks for delivering a saucy verse for the bad b’s to vibe with so, learn your lines;

He a breast man but he rate that back
……Brown skin ting, I got it like that
Face on beat and you know my shit slaps
Got the sauce on spill, more drip than a tap
Coming from the trap, really no cap
Don’t know how to act, I ain’t into all the chat
And when I’m on top, boy you know I never lack
Baby you can push up on it, guarantee I’ll bring it back
Gotta make it count, cos if ur D game dead then I can’t add you to my body count
How about we play … for the night
Downstairs got a leak, I’ma need you to lay the pipe
Do it right

The crisp, party-style visuals spark the track to life; Ms Banks throws down a verse with trademark authority, and admittedly the pair have great chemistry (Soz, Tion), proving all is not fair in love and war—certainly so, if there’s good music at the end of it.

Directed by Ashleigh Jadee, watch the fun Gucci dripping visuals up top.


The hilarious saga between Ms Banks, Tion Wayne and Ambush is keeping us all entertained and a few of the scene’s biggest names are also getting involved in the action too.

A few days ago, Ms Banks and Tion Wayne were spotted getting real cosy together while performing on stage but on October 15, Ambush posted a photo of him and Ms Banks looking quite comfortable together too.

Since then, Tion Wayne and Ambush have been engaged in a friendly back-and forth on their socials and rappers such as Krept and RV have been loving the scandal too.





Post by: Sammi Swinton