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Akz shares brand new single ‘Genuine’


Akz shares brand new single ‘Genuine’

 Akz shares brand new single ‘Genuine’

Shooting this your way from fantastic upcoming rapper Akz who has just shared his brand new single ‘Genuine’, you can check it out alongside the video which has just released on Mixtape Madness above!

Hailing from Croydon, the South London artist serves up an introspective single where he provides a portal to his thoughts and a journey of imagination whilst making an impressive delivery of lyricism. He follows in the footsteps of fellow South London talent and many established acts in the scene including the likes of Stormzy, Krept & Konan and Hardy Carprio who also started out on the underground music scene whilst carving out their own lane, much like Akz himself.

With your help ‘Genuine’ is set to take his career to the next level and we’d love to have you on board by supporting and sharing the track!



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Grime MC Cassie Rytz has unveiled her debut mixtape ‘Starts Here’ out now.

Containing 10 self-assured and gutsy tracks, ‘Starts Here’ is a motivational body of work that sees the South London MC finding her feet and coming of age; both as a young woman and an artist.

The mixtape includes previously released singles ‘Shell’ and 5 Hours Of Doom which garnered support from notable titles like ClashGRM DailyTRENCHGUAP and Gal-dem. Elsewhere tracks like ‘Boss’,‘Throwback’ and ‘Cobra’ are anthems dealing with self-empowerment and adolescent anxieties.




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