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8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)


From Instagram’s sharp turn into e-commerce, to hashtag challenges, carousel posts, and even branded AR filters, a lot has (already!) happened in 2020.

To help keep your business ahead of the game, we’re highlighting 8 of the biggest Instagram trends of 2020:


8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

 #1: The Rise of Instagram Shopping

Instagram has always been a shopping destination of sorts — even before it launched any e-commerce tools.

But with the introduction of tools like Instagram Checkout, where shoppers can buy products on Instagram without leaving the app, and Facebook Shops, which allows businesses to build online stores on both Facebook and Instagram, shopping has become an even bigger part of how people both view and use Instagram in their day-to-day lives.


Even as COVID-19 forced thousands of businesses to pause operations, shopping on Instagram is live and well. In fact, Instagram released more e-commerce features in the past few months than they did in all of 2019!

Here’s just a few that caused a stir:

  • Facebook Shops and Instagram Shop: both announced via Facebook Live in mid-May
  • Instagram Live Shopping: currently being beta-tested with a select number of businesses
  • Expansion of Instagram Shopping: a global rollout to more businesses and creators which was announced in late-June
  • and many, many more!


There are also plenty of shopping features that are in closed beta and set to be released more widely this year — like Instagram Checkout and Shopping from Creators.


They can also market their products by partnering with influencers (via Instagram’s soon to be released Shopping for Influencers feature), getting products featured on the Explore page, running Instagram Shopping Ads, or by sharing Instagram posts and stories with product tags.

And these tactics work — according to internal data, 130 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products every month.

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

 #2: Carousel Posts Level-up Information Sharing 

Instagram has always been a place of inspiration, but in 2020 we’re seeing a real shift in informational content coming through!

And the best way to share detail-dense content on Instagram? With carousel posts!

With the ability to share up to 10 images in one post, carousels are the perfect tool for storytelling, as well as breaking down heavy information into digestible bites.

Carousels posts have long been popular with brands looking for a fun, yet detailed, way to show off their products. Brands like Supergoop have mastered the perfect carousel to not only highlight their products, but to also help followers make an educated purchasing decision.


2020 has seen a shift in brand sales and purchasing behavior, and in its place, Instagram has become a space for social awareness and education.

Throughout May (and beyond!) the Black Lives Matter Movement saw millions of informative and educational posts on Instagram. And the carousel post has never been more valuable for mass information sharing.


We’re seeing brands, creators, and influencers alike use Instagram as a place to educate, and we predict this “destination education” trend is going to stick around!

From how to support small business through COVID-19, to brand’s social missions, and deep-dives into detailed topics, the carousel post has been a great asset.

And with the arrival of Instagram Guides, along with visual carousel posts and long-form captions, we could see Instagram be the new place to blog.

So if you’re a blogger, vlogger, or creator, it might be time to invest in carousel posts on Instagram and start micro-blogging your content!


8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

 #3: Instagram Live Goes Mainstream

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force people to stay inside, some pretty interesting trends have emerged on Instagram — like how everyone is suddenly flocking to Instagram Live.

And no, it isn’t just you! According to Facebook data, Instagram Live views increased by 70% from February to March 2020


There’s no question that hosting a virtual event is a great way to provide a valuable service or entertainment for your audience to take part in, which can work wonders for building brand loyalty and trust.

Plus, you can strategically use your Instagram Live to promote your paid products or services and use Instagram Live’s built-in features to help drive traffic back to your site.

#4: IGTV Takes Center Stage

IGTV has been on the up for some time now, but 2020 is the year the long-form video platform takes center stage!

Part of this can be linked to the improvements that Instagram made to IGTV last year, like allowing users to cross-promote their IGTV videos on Instagram and providing support for both vertical and horizontal videos.

But another major factor that is certain to drive-up usage even further is that creators can now start making money from IGTV with ads!


Look out for ads from brands like IKEA, Puma, Sephora this week as they, along with other test partners, will be the first to launch IGTV ads.

Popular creators such as Avani Gregg and Salice Rose will be among the first to test out the new monetization feature, with a wider, international release in the coming months.

But even if you aren’t a creator, IGTV is a great channel to reach new audiences, grow your engagement, and even capture leads!

Which is why we’re seeing so many brands create content for IGTV — like Lululemon and Mejuri.

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

 #5: New Instagram Stickers to Support Small Businesses

There’s no denying that 2020 has already been a challenging year for small businesses and startups.

With so many businesses forced to close their doors and pause operations during lockdown and social distancing, Instagram became a lifeline for many brands to stay financially afloat.

And Instagram responded with a ton of great features and tools to help small businesses that went beyond shopping tools!

With the new Support Small Business sticker for Instagram Stories, people can mention the small businesses they love directly in the sticker to give their followers a preview of the account.


When people use the sticker, their story will be added to a shared Instagram story, so their followers can see it along with other businesses that people they follow are supporting.

And it didn’t stop there! Instagram also released new stories stickers and profile buttons for buying gift cards, ordering food, and donating to fundraisers.

 #6: Instagram Challenges 

From #FliptheSwitch to #TrickShot and #DontRush, 2020 has been the year of social media challenges — and not just on Instagram! TikTok has also been hugely important in driving the challenges trend.

But the biggest driver has been… well, quarantine life.

As more and more people stay home to flatten the curve, social media challenges have blown up as a way to stave off boredom while having fun with friends and family.


And while challenges are best suited for regular users, we’ve also seen a lot of brands take part in (and initiate their own) Instagram challenges.

Take the design app @over. Their monthly #OverDesignChallenge is a perfect fit for their community of design enthusiasts, while also increasing awareness of the app’s creative editing and design tools and features.

8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)

 #7: Memes are Taking Over


Memes are really popular on Instagram — like really, really popular.

But for a long time, they were reserved for meme accounts — accounts on Instagram that exist for the sole purpose of creating and sharing memes like @fuckjerry@ladbible, and @mytherapistsays.


But that’s beginning to change.

In the last year or so, brands and businesses have also started jumping on the meme bandwagon, breaking away from the highly curated feeds of 2018 in lieu of something a little more authentic and a lot more fun.

It was really just a matter of time. Memes are meant to be relatable, relevant, and highly-shareable so they’re perfect for increasing engagement and even driving product interest.


Branded AR Filters

 #8: Branded AR Filters

Ever since Instagram opened Spark AR Studio in mid-2019, the platform has become inundated with artists and designers creating their own unique effects for Instagram Stories. And the results have been, well, pretty amazing!



Whether you’ve decided to create your own AR filter for your brand or incorporate some cool existing AR effects into your stories, it’s a great way to grow your account.

Check out this guide to Spark AR Studio for tips on how to use AR effects for business!

Hopefully, this Instagram trend report has sparked some creativity and you’re feeling ready to level-up your feed aesthetic and start experimenting with new content for your audience.




Post by: Sammi Swinton



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