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7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Skepta

7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Skepta

7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Skepta

skepta ignorance is bliss

7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Skepta


Skepta is finally getting all the attention in the U.S. Though he doesn’t need a co-sign from anyone, the heightened attention has put more worldwide hype on the London MC than ever before.

Skepta’s moment is now, and he knows it. And it’s not only high-time for Skepta, but for U.K. Grime as a whole, which has been criminally neglected by mainstream Hip-Hop. That’s all about to change, and Skepta is leading the way.

Drake knows he’s a legend, and so does Kanye.

Here are the top 7 facts to know about Skepta.


He collaborated with Puff Daddy back in 2011

Skepta’s first substantial international collaboration was with Puff Daddy. The pair linked up for a special Grime remix of Diddy’s single ‘Hello Good Morning.’ However, they cut ties after Skepta reportedly wanted to fight another guest at his pool party in 2011.


‘That’s Not Me’ video only cost £80 to make.

Skepta won Best Video at the 2014 MOBOs for his throwback ‘That’s Not Me’ video. Speaking exclusively after the awards show, he revealed he spent £70 on the hat he wore and £10 on petrol to get to the video shoot.


He began his career as JME’s DJ

Despite being known for his skills on the microphone, Skepta started his career as a DJ for his younger brother JME. He only began rapping after Wiley convinced him to try it out.


Snoop Dogg’s debut album ‘Doggystyle’ inspired him to make music

He told Redbull Music Academy. “You know the cartoon one with loads of inappropriate pictures of boobs in the sleeve? It was that album that made me think ‘yeah I can do this.’”



How does Skepta know Drake?

Drake is rumored to have spotted Skepta while browsing the internet and the pair have become good friends. Drake brought Skepta out during his Wireless set in 2015 and Skepta returned the favor at a Section Boyz show in 2016. Drizzy is also signed to Skepta’s BBK label.


Skepta released a porn video for his 2011 single ‘All Over The House’.

Skepta sparked controversy in 2011 when he released a highly-explicit music video for his song ‘All Over The House.’ He didn’t appear in the clip however it showed a man and women having sex at a party. The video was consequently banned from YouTube.


Skepta recorded a 25-minute YouTube monologue called ‘Underdog Psychosis’

“You see every artist in the industry have a breakdown,” he told Crack Magazine. “Britney cut off her hair. Wiley moved to Cyprus. Everyone goes through it in different ways. Underdog Psychosis was mine. After it was released, I felt cleansed. From that point, I told myself that I’m not f*cking with anyone that isn’t f*cking with me. I don’t have time to try and please people.”



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